Vince Drum Solo May 9, 2017

Al Knal al Khalid by Muhammed Abdel Wahhab performed by Mid East Tapestry Ensemble.

Vince and Hanna Romanowsky at Rakkasah 2015 - Riqq and Dance

Vince Delgado on Kanun with the  Mid East Tapestry Ensemble - Tahmilla Bayyati by Hifnawy

Vince Delgado solo on Egyptian fish skin tabla.

Vince Delgado Jazz Tio plays Laura

Vince Delgado drum solo on Egyptian fish skin tabla from 1987

Vince performs and records in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find Vince on Facebook, drop us a line to say hello, or if you would like to be on Vince's mail list, and visit his YouTube Channel.