Vince Plays some of his favorite drums

Traditionally made out of clay with a playing membrane of freshwater fishskin from the Nile, tied and glued on. Known as darbukka in Turkey, as durbeki in Lebanon, as dombak in Iran and as doumbek in Armenia. Used in all types of music from folk to classical. They can range in size greatly; this one is about 20 inches tall.

A goblet shaped wooden drum used in the folk, pop and classical music of Iran. The technique for playing Iranian classical music on the zarb is quite complex. This drum has a 10 inch head, and stands about 16 inches tall. 

A large frame drum with cymbals, the Daire from Turkey and the Mhazar from Egypt make large crashing sounds. These shown have 12 inch faces and 3 inch cymbals.

The universal frame drum use by cultures all over the world. This drum is called tar in Nubia, duff in Egypt,and bendir in Turkey. This one is Turkish and measures about 26 inches in diameter. 

The only percussion instrument used in classical Egyptian musicis the riqq. It is a tambourine played like a drum. Measuring 8 inches in diameter, this drum requires great skill to play.

A festival drum from Morocco used in the religious holiday Achoura. Bonfires are made and participants play these drums all night long until the fire goes out! These small clay drums 10 inches tall have a string stretched under the head which causes the drum to buzz when struck , as in a snare drum.

A set of two drums used primarily in the classical music of North India. The larger drum is called baya and measures about 10 inches across. The smaller drum is called tabla, and in 6 inches across. The tabla is tuned to a specific note by raising and lowering with a brass hammer.

A set of two wooden drums attached to each other and used in Cuban folk and urban music. The heads measure 5 and 8 inches, and the drum is played between the legs.

A large drum developed in Cuba from an African predecessor. They come in many sizes to give different tones, and create a percussive melody. The three main sizes are the tumba, the lowest pitch; the conga, middle pitch; the quinto, the highest pitch. The quinto is the solo drum, while the others maintain the rhythm.

A set of metal drums played with sticks developed from European kettle drums. These can range in diameter from 8 to 15 inches. Cowbells and woodblocks are often attached to the top of the set.

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